Author's Preface
Having received little support from within or without, the present work can be considered a work against odds, accompanied largely by disapprovals and jeers. But what I have narrated is the grim reality of how India and its large debilitated and famished masses have been perpetually exploited and demeaned by our self-seeking governing system in absence of adequate checks and balances over our erring guardians (Legislature and Executive). This harsh reality one would be compelled to accept as one would proceed through the book.

My endeavour through this book is to reach out this truth to the people of the land and our concerned guardians, to establish a responsible and accountable system of governance with the help of the learned Judiciary to first accomplish 'liberty and dignity' for our perennially famished and suffering masses and then transform the nation to unbounded progress and prosperity.

To build a prosperous nation and make our people happy and proud I have provided necessary roadmaps and guidelines in Part 3 of the book. Following these plans and adapting the concept of City Centres presented under Chapter 8.3, we shall not only provide liberty and dignity to our people naturally but also place our country amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world in just 15-20 years for the present and the future generations.

Through my extensive research as presented, I have prayed the learned Judiciary, who being the custodian of the Constitution and a third eye over the governing guardians (Legislature and Executive) for establishing responsible and accountable system of governances at the Union and the States and extending an opportunity to the people of India to realize their dreams.

The book is a diagnosis of a chronic patient. The investigations tell only about the ailing organs that need to be cured. The healthy organs have little mention!
K.C. Agrawal