I have not raked up this issue in my discussions because I believe that we are not corrupt or dishonest by nature. We are a gentle creature and not parasites and would rather like to work hard for our living. We practice what we see our guardians doing. I would therefore refrain from discussing corruption which according to me is a culmination of less educated Legislature and an impunitive and lax system of governance with no responsibility or accountability. It is like a weak student who may resort to copying in exams; an unworthy and lax guardian may also be lured to corruption. A good student shall seldom resort to copying for his own self esteem. This kind of corruption cannot be stopped through any kind of deterrence, anti-corruption laws, even a Lokpal Bill. It shall be like treating the symptoms rather than curing the disease. Not putting a bucket below a leaking roof, plugging the leaks in the roof shall be the true solution. According to my firm belief an educated, responsible and accountable system of governance shall address this evil naturally. A responsible and accountable person shall seldom act a parasite for his self esteem and one day all our pervasive and parasitic acts and tendencies shall wean away of their own.