Dear Countrymen,
“The regressive and continually deteriorating plight of our large populace is no secret. About 110 crore of India’s population exists under highly impoverished and wretched conditions. Forty percent of our country is infected with Maoism, Naxalism, terrorism and seditious activism. People from all walks of lives are disgruntled and frustrated. Protests and movements are now a regular feature in our country. Consistent failures of our Legislature and Executive are no longer acceptable”.

“The present book is an attempt to accomplish the same through responsible and accountable system of governances at the Union and the States to be established with the help of the learned Judiciary “.   Read More


Latest Version ‘ISBN 9788190164283- Revised and updated and includes the PIL
(See Chapter 7)

TISBN 9788190164283- Revised and updated and includes the PIL

‘ISBN 9788190164283- Revised and updated and includes the PIL

Old Version

What The Eminent People Say

- ‘K.C. Agrawal is an Engineer by Profession but a lawyer by choice. He told us about what the country has lost and what can be redeemed out of it’ -Mr Justice T.S. Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India (during a seminar at India Law Institute, New Delhi, Sept. 2014)
Mr Justice T.S. Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India read more

- ‘K.C. Agrawal is an Architect’- Hon’ble Mr Ram Jethmalani, Jurist (during a seminar at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, Oct. 2014)
Ram Jethmalani read more

-“India in Shambles” is the impassioned out-pouring of an anguished heart of a true patriot, sensitive to the present dismal conditions of Governance.
Mr Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah read more

-It is an informative account spruced with the author’s intent to see our country rise into the realm of prosperity for itself and its people. I wish the author success for this work and in all his future endeavours.
Mr Justice K.G. Balakrishnan read more

-As a matter of fact while it provides much required guidance to our experts in various vital spheres of our life and to our policy makers and its implementers at different levels of our governance, it also gives much required education and guidance to the common citizens. Therefore, the book must be circulated and read widely. I wish it could also be made available in Hindi and other major regional languages to be accessible to every citizen of the country.

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